Thursday, 14 March 2013

Finnish Postman of days gone by

Card no 432 –  Pirjo  (FI-1691307)
 A Finnish Postman from 1907
Country Card Sent From: Finland
Place that Card Sender Lives: Nurmijarvi
Date Received: 6th March 2013
Distance Travelled: 1,153 miles
Time Taken: 3 days 

This postcard is from Pirjo who is first on ‘most cards sent from Finland’ having sent over 8,000 via postcrossing (and that’s not counting any she may have sent via direct swapping or to her friends.  That’s a lot of postcards!

I love this card – not only for the fact that it is a postman in uniform but for its artistic merit.  And don’t you just love the way he is twirling his moustache.

 VR group (Valtion Rautatiet), Finland's state railways, its 150th anniversary in 2012. In honour of the occasion, a six-stamp booklet designed by Tarja Salonen was released. The stamps depicted six trains from different periods -  from the steam locomotive Ukkopekka to the newest train called Allegro, which runs from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. 

The shape of the stamps was designed to give them the feeling of motion and the whole sheet looked like this - 


  1. This is a glorious postcard and I wish I had one like it. The stamps are great too. I received a very nice postcard from Hong Kong today that rates among my favorites received thus far, but I haven't posted it yet.

  2. I posted yesterday about trains on stamps. These are nice, very original. Finnish stamps are always beautiful. Here I can't chose really (but maybe it's better, or I'd buy too much stamps!).


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