Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Bye bye clocks...

I am disappointed that I did not manage to blog many of the dozens and dozens of lovely clock cards I received during 2015.  I had not anticipated getting so many but that is really no excuse.  Life simply took over...  The same applies of course to the hundreds of other postcards I received during the year, only a fraction of which made it onto this blog.

So in future I shall not attempt to keep the clock postcard blog running.  I shall, however, try to post more frequently on this blog.

Just as a reminder of how great everyone has been contributing to my clock collection here is a piece of mail art I received today from Eva in Spain.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Blue cats, Old ladies and assorted other cards

I receive far too many cards to be able to post them but in 2016 I shall make a better effort at so doing.  Here are just a couple of the recent ones that have dropped onto my doormat and enhanced my days.

The top two of these blue cats came from Susanne in Germany and the bottom one from Anastasia in Belarus.  You can see the rest of the blue cats I have received in my Google photo album - if I can work out how to link to it!  I think this is the link!

And more of Inge Look's old ladies have entered my collection. Both of these were courtesy of Susanne, as well.

Postcards of people reading are among my favourites.  This is another from Susanne who really knows how to choose cards!  Entitled 'Peasant reading the Bible' it was painted by Albert Anker (1831-1910).

Hanka, a friend in the Czech Republic sent me this one which is probably among my top twenty of 2015.  It is entitled 'Peace and Quiet' by Lucie Ernestová.

The following card from Heleen in the Netherlands is called 'Compromise' and was a photo project by Gulsun Karamustafa.  (I should really put this on my blog for clock cards but I like it so much I have put it here.  Maybe one day my clock card blog will be updated but please don't hold your breath!)

And finally for this post - a beautiful card from Monica in Sweden.

Entitled 'Autumn Memories' (Thanks for the translation, Monica) it is a photo by Per Johansson.  I mention that it is a photo because it has such a dream-like quality that it could easily be a painting.   As it is, Monica added her own little Autumn tree to the back of the card -