Saturday, 30 March 2013

460 - Nesvizh Castle – a World Heritage Site

Card no 460 – Mish 
Nesvizh Castle – a World Heritage Site 
Country Card Sent From: Belarus 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Minsk 
Date Received: 28th March 2013 
Distance Travelled: 1,154 miles 
Time Taken: 6 days 

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Another card of Nesvizh Castle – a WHS.

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The card came with a lovely long letter and a couple of goodies from my friend Mish in Minsk.

The envelope included this fridge magnet.

It’s lovely to have a reminder of a friend sitting on the fridge door and perhaps I’ll see if a couple of my other friends can get magnets of their towns.

The stamp shows St Sophia's Cathedral in Polotsk.


  1. This is a neat postcard, it seems a painting. I love the colours! And the rest of the details of the letter...

    1. Thank you :) Actually, this one is a photo, but the entire set of the cards is made in such colors and it looks really great. I've already sent a painted card of the Nesvizh Castle to Scriptor, you may have a look here This one is an aquarelle painting by a painter from Belarus.


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