Friday, 29 March 2013

457 – Russian Postman

Card no 457 - Dasha 
An early 20th Century Russian Postman 
Country Card Sent From: Russia 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Moscow 
Date Received: 26th March 2013 
Distance Travelled: 1,618 miles 
Time Taken: 21 days 

This was a direct swap with Dasha – in exchange for a view of Liverpool. I’m delighted with it.  The English words on the back say St Petersburg - early twentieth century.  And once again, perhaps I can call on the services of Captain Mish for a translation of any of the Russian on the front / back (and on the mail coach stamp).!!

These were the stamps which included a super one of a mail coach -


  1. Captain Mish us ready! :)
    The first two pics show the phrase "Hello from St. Petersburg" and this one is written in the language used before the reform of Russian orthography in 1918 occured.
    Wiki: "The Russian orthography was made simpler by unifying several adjectival and pronominal inflections, replacing the letters ѣ (Yat) with е, і ... and dropping the archaic mute yer, including the ъ (the "hard sign") in final position following consonants..."
    You may see these symbols in this phrase :)
    The third pic shows the phrase "The history of St. Petersburg - Petrograd. 1830-1918".
    The city was called St. Petersburg till 1914 and then Petrograd till 1924, then Leningrad till 1991.
    Well, the first stamp shows Novgorod Kremlin. The second commemorates the World Exhibition of postage stamps in 2007. And the third shows the postal and passenger stagecoach (mid. 19th century).
    Hope, Captain Mish was useful :)


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