Thursday, 23 April 2015

Not the usual four days!

Usually cards from Germany to the UK take about four days.  This one took four months.  Dated 22nd December this delightful card from Susanne arrived yesterday - 22nd April!  I suppose I should just be grateful it arrived at all but I wonder where it has been hiding all this time?

Monday, 20 April 2015

So Many Cards

I have received so many cards and have not blogged them for ages.  So here is a tiny selection

2532 - Susanne in Germany always knows exactly the right card to send so when I was unwell recently and the most I could do was lie in bed and read she sent this one - 'Reading Woman lying on a garden bench' by Carl Larsson.

2541 - Susanne also sent this one - The Reading Room by Carl Larsson.:-

2540 - Another from my friend Susanne - Anna Karenina byAnzhela Dzherih:-

2539 - I have a student friend in China, Dai Li, who regularly sends me cards and has contributed enormously to my collection of Chinese World Heritage Sites.   Her latest card shows Wuhan at night - the strip without lights down the middle is the Yangtze River.

Li always chooses super stamps as well.

2534/2535 - Cats are a constant (and welcome) theme among the cards I receive. These two are from Eva in Morocco.

2533 - It is April so Monica in Sweden celebrated the start of the month as she usually does - with a card for that month.

2528 - It was Easter this month so Katya and her mum Marina sent this lovely card from Ukraine.

And, as always, there were lovely stamps on it.

2526 -The last one for this post is another from Dai Li - these two cats look remarkably like our two ()Annabel and Mac)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

‘A letter is not a system of debt.’

Hawwa pointed me in the direction of The Letters Page.  It is well worth taking a look.  I loved this quote from the Editor -

And this editor has noticed, in
a recent revival of personal correspondence-
by-post, how easily people feel the burden
of letter writing. ‘I’m sorry I haven’t replied
sooner,’ our letters all seem to begin, in the
tone of a muttering student handing in a late
assignment. Dear readers and fellow letter-
writers, don’t be so burdened! Write, or don’t
write, but enjoy it when you do. It’s nice to
reply to a letter, but there’s no need to turn
it into a chore; after all, if there’s a message
that can’t wait, you can always send an email.
(Remember email?) One of our editorial
board members, the poet and publisher
Éireann Lorsung, puts it very well: ‘A letter,’
she tweeted recently, ‘is not a system of debt.’