Thursday, 6 March 2014

A message through the stamp...

I have just bought half a ton (well, about 7 pounds) of postcards from a charity via E-bay.  All it cost me was the postage plus a few pence.  Fortunately we are always buying things from charity shops so I don’t feel guilty about getting such a bargain.  The cards are a mixture of very old and fairly modern, posted and unposted, colour and black and white.  some are covered in glue marks where they have been in albums; others are nice and fresh.  Even though they are no use for postcrossing I can’t resist reading most of the posted ones.  They range from the boring ‘Wish you were here” (Yes, there really was one that said that) to long sagas about the day’s events.  
For the first time ever I came across a stamp put at an angle to send a message.

The card was this one.

It was posted on 7th January 1909 (the year my Mum was born) to Miss Ethel Reeves in Kirkcaldy.  

The sender, John, wrote “I need not write Dear Ethel now a(s) you are anothers Dear, John”.

He placed the stamp upside down and at an angle.

I looked this up on my little chart.

It showed his message to be “My heart is yours”.   It looks as though his heart was pretty broken too. Poor John.