Saturday, 26 September 2015

Bear-ly time to write (or post!)

2865 - From Tina in Canada.  With all her commitments I'm not surprised she claims she has 'bear-ly' time to write.  In fact she is a regular correspondent. Isn't this a super card by artist Lawson Wood.

2853 - From Susanne in Germany - an Inge Look card.  In the UK this pinching of apples from a neighbour or over a farmer's fence is known as 'scrumping'.

2802 - Eva, my friend in Morocco / Spain (who now wants to lie in the sea off a Greek Island!) recently added to my UNESCO World Heritage Site cards with this super one of the library at El Escorial near Madrid.

2813 - Another from Susanne. This is called Armchair Dog and is by artist Rudi Hurzlmeier.

2614- Tina in Canada has a lot of similar tastes to me as do the rest of her family.  I envy her daughter because she has a Leopard Gecko, just like the one on this card they sent me.