Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Dutch Farmhouse

Card no 430 – Frank (NL-1735940)
 Helden, Netherlands
Country Card Sent From: The Netherlands
Place that Card Sender Lives: Helden
Date Received: 5th March 2013
Distance Travelled: 399 miles
Time Taken: 6 days 

 Helden: The Schrames family farmhouse
This postcard is part of a series of 12 photographs of characteristic spots, two of each parish of the municipality of Helden. Published by the Municipality of Helden to celebrate the creation of the new municipality Peel en Maas on 01-01-2010.    Peel en Maas is situated in the province of Limburg, SE Netherlands. The municipality is formed by the former towns of Helden, Kessel, Maasbree, and Meijel.

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