Friday, 19 July 2013

Starting to CATch up!

I don’t know if I can ever catch up with all the wonderful postcards I’ve received since I last blogged but here is an attempt to do it by CATegory.

562-  I just love this one from Mish in Belarus.  I copied it and then laminated the copy so it can sit on my notice board while the original goes in its album.


586 - This little kitten came all the way from Monica in Sweden to say hello to Ivy.

604 - 'The Cat in Whittingron Gardens' by Nigella Bittleson came from Danielle in Nebraska whose cat goes by the delightful name of Chispa. (Chispa is Spanish for Spark.)

620 - My Friend Irina from St Petersburg is another cat person.  This photo is called 'Cats on the window' and was taken by Vyacheslav Andreev.

622 - 'My Friend Vasya' - another cat from Irina.  Sadly this got attacked by the post office machinery so I have 'repaired' the image a bit.  Don't you just love the pictures on the wall behind Vasya?

 654 - Another one from Danielle (and another one the Post Office have had a go at!)

674 - From Peter in Slovenia.

This was my first Slovenian card.

And Karen in Canada sent me a couple of cat stamps (564)  with a parrot perched temptingly between them!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Some cards I've sent recently

I’m back!  This first post shows a few of those cards that I have sent out recently.

A selection of cards to an American friend –

To 7 year old Jannic in Germany –

To Kinga in Poland who likes dogs –

And a doggy stamp as well –

To Ashley in Canada who likes fashion – a fashion plate showing summer fashions 1836 from Benjamin Read, a London tailor.  The setting is the Colisseum in Regent’s Park opened in 1832.

 And a Norman Hartnell stamp –

A traditional Liverpool view for Kris in The Netherlands -

Anna in Belarus had her card in an envelope –

Because she asked for a couple of coins, if possible –

The card to Anna who likes wildlife –

Heleen in The Netherlands is collecting post that shows Doctors in mailart and how one feels about them –

One of the latest issue of butterfly stamps went on Heleen’s card –

Another went on this next card, together with a butterfly stamp from the 1980s –

This card went to another friend.  It’s the sort of card I would love to receive myself (click on it to enlarge it if you wish) -


Once I saw this card I knew immediately who I had to send it to –

My next post will show some of the dozens I have received since the beginning of June when I was too ill to post; but not too ill to appreciate the cards.