Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fancy a chocolate drink!

Card no 427 – Martine
Country Card Sent From: France
Place that Card Sender Lives:  Piedogriggio, Corsica
Date Received: 5th March 2013
Distance Travelled:  942 miles
Time Taken: 3 days

Banania is a popular chocolate drink found most widely distributed in France. It is made from cocoa, banana flour, cereals, honey and sugar. There are two types of Banania available in French supermarkets: 'traditional' which must be cooked with milk for 10 minutes, and 'instant' which can be prepared in similar fashion to Nesquik.
During a visit near Lake Managua, Nicaragua, in 1909, the journalist Pierre Lardet discovered the recipe for a cocoa-based drink. When he returned to Paris, he started its commercial fabrication and, in 1912, began marketing Banania with the picture of an Antillaise. Her image was replaced in 1915 with the drawing of a widely smiling Senegalese man.

Martine sent this in an envelope. These were the stamps.

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  1. I love this postcard. It looks sort of vintage and the drink sounds really good.


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