Monday, 2 February 2015

Two more Findus cards

2347 - From Monica in Sweden:-

It is Findus, it is a cat, it is reading...  Where on earth am I going to file it?

2350 - From Eva in Morocco.  This card meant a lot to her so it was very kind of her to part with it.

2336 - Stamps from Ukraine

I have featured stamps from Ukraine before and have received many more than I have blogged about.  But I had to mention this one -  Katya often sends me minaiture sheets and this is one of the nicest yet:-

Sunday, 1 February 2015


I have decided to collect postcards and mail art of CLOCKS during 2015. They can be clocks in any form - I bet there is a clock postcard in your collection of cards to send. So any will be gratefully received and will be posted on a blog specifically devoted to clock cards - see here.  

If you haven't corresponded with me before please feel free to e-mail scriptorsenex at gmail dot com to ask for my address. All cards and mail art received will generate a card from me to you so if we are not regular correspondents please put your address on the card. 
Thank You! 
John Edwards