Sunday, 21 April 2013

Great Britons - a new Royal Mail stamp issue

This week (16th April) the Royal Mail issued a set of Great Britons stamps.  I have been wanting to put new Royal Mail stamp issues on this blog but until now have not managed to find the time.  The set has ten First Class stamps.

 This last person, Bill Shankly, was a man close to my heart.  Being a Liverpool Football Club fan and going to many matches in the 1960s and 70s when he was manager - including Liverpool's 3-0 FA Cup win against Newcastle in 1974.  (It should have been 4-0 because we had a perfectly good goal disallowed in error by the referee!!)  This was manager Bill Shankly's last game in charge of Liverpool and the last game I attended apart from a couple in more recent times with Richard.

I have a couple of postcards relating to Bill Shankly and if any football supporter ever reads this who wants one they may have it with the Shankly stamp on it - assuming it hasn't gone by then.


  1. How difficult to find a Liverpudlian who dislike football...! ;-)

  2. Great stamps and quite interesting bios. I never knew Vivien Leigh was English.


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