Sunday, 14 April 2013

494 - Typography Photography

Card no 494 – Nanda
 3B – a work of art 
Country Card Sent From: Netherlands 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Best near Eindhoven 
Date Received: 13th April 2013 
Distance Travelled: 371 miles 
Time Taken: 5 days 
Postcrossing id – NL-1805800 

This work of art uses old style letters from a printing press. Part of a series called Typography Photography by Holli Conger. Excellent one.


  1. Just imagine - some time ago people had to put thousands of such letters one by one, creating a book to print then...

    1. I used to know someone who worked as a typesetter on a newspaper. The hardest part of the job was learning to work right to left and put the letters in backwards.


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