Monday, 22 April 2013

502 – Dom St Peter – Regensburg, a WHS

Card no 502 - Johanna 
Dom St Peter – Regensburg – A WHS 
Country Card Sent From: Germany 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Munich 
Date Received: 18th April 2013 
Distance Travelled: 725 miles 
Time Taken: 3 days 
Postcrossing id – DE-2105338 

Johanna kindly sent this because it is a World Heritage Site and she knows I collect WHS cards.

Located on the Danube River in Bavaria, the medieval town of Regensburg contains many buildings of exceptional quality that testify to its history as a trading centre and to its influence on the region from the 9th century. A notable number of historic structures span some two millennia and include ancient Roman, Romanesque and Gothic buildings. Regensburg’s 11th- to 13th-century architecture – including the market, city hall and cathedral – still defines the character of the town marked by tall buildings, dark and narrow lanes, and strong fortifications. The buildings include medieval patrician houses and towers, a large number of churches and monastic ensembles as well as the 12th-century Old Bridge. The town is also remarkable for the vestiges testifing to its rich history as one of the centres of the Holy Roman Empire that turned to Protestantism.

The Regensburg Cathedral (Cathedral of Saint Peter) is the only cathedral in Bavaria. The cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture in southern Germany.

Overall length 86.00 m inside
Inside width 34,80 m
Height nave 32.00 m
Height of the towers 105 m from base

This was the timescale of its building
1273 beginning of the new building to the west of the city after a fire (probably in 1250) destroyed the old cathedral.
To 1285/90 High Gothic replanning.
In 1320 The three choirs of the new cathedral can be used. Demolition of the old cathedral.
1385-1415 age of elaborate main entrance to the west.
1442 Construction of the roof over the nave. Preliminary end of construction in 1520.
1514-1538 Expansion of the cloister.
1613-1649 restoration of the cathedral and Baroque transformation (cupola).
1828-1841 At the request of King Ludwig I gothicised (eg elimination of the baroque frescoes) and degradation of the dome, it is replaced by a ribbed vault.
1859-1869 Expansion of the towers and spiers of completion.
1870/72 completion of the cathedral with the completion of the transept gable and roof of the rider (crossing) after 600 years of construction.

The stamp was one I have had a few times before but this time it was most appropriate – it was the Regensburg stamp!

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