Monday, 22 April 2013

505 – A Spanish post-box (or not???)

Card no 505 - Danielle 
A Spanish post-box (or perhaps not)
Country Card Sent From: USA 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Omaha, Nebraska 
Date Received: 20th April 2013 
Distance Travelled: 4,122 miles 
Time Taken: 6 days 

Another nationality of post-box to add to my growing collection.  But which nationality? See the comments.

And another Go Green stamp…

And another car… 


  1. Are you sure this post box is from Spain? If it is, it's really old. Spanish post boxes are yellow since long time ago. Maybe is it from another Spanish-speaking country?

    1. Ah! I presume it isn't Spanish then. I'm not sure what the basis of Danielle calling it Spanish was - maybe she was just assuming it was fron the language. I shall ask her. If it's not Spanish it's going to be fun trying to find out which country it is!

  2. My heart races when I see Chargers on the road. Recently I saw a female driving a black one and I yearned for my spent youth. Oh, to own one of those babies! :)

    Do you ever get to visit some of the places on your postcards?

    1. No, Limner, I'm very much a stay at home traveller. I've not been out of the UK and the furthest I've ever been is the Outer Hebrides where my brother lives

  3. Um, Wiki says "Correos" is a postal service or post office in Spain. Did I drop the ball again?
    :( I learn something new every day. :)

    1. I out Correos in Google and found a site which talked about -
      Correos de España
      Correos de Costa Rica
      Instituto Postal Dominicano
      Correos de Venezuela
      Correos de Panamá
      Correos Guatemala
      Correos de México
      Correos de Uruguay
      Administraciones Postales(Todas)

      So it looks like the word is used in a number of countries... We are back to guessing which one this post box is from!

  4. I like the way you updated the post :-)


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