Sunday, 14 April 2013

493 - Old style European brass letter box

Card no 493 – Artem and Nastya 
Ukrainian Letterbox 
Country Card Sent From: Ukraine 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Sebastopol 
Date Received: 13th April 2013 
Distance Travelled: 1,740 
miles Time Taken: 8 days 
Postcrossing id - UA-564090

It took me a while to realise that this was a letter-box. I then spent a long time researching the coat of arms without success. I traced some similar boxes labelled as ‘old style European brass letterbox’. I also found one for sale in the Ukraine. So this post, brief though it is, has taken ages to do. Any ideas about where and when this letterbox (or where the coat of arms) was used would be helpful.

These were the attractive stamps -

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  1. Love the stamps! Have tried to google a bit, now I realize that heraldry is a really complicated (but interesting) thing - each symbol / color / shape etc. have the meaning!


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