Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vernal Fall, Yosemite National Park

Card no 384 - Reinhold
Yosemite National Park
Country: Germany
Received: 2nd February 2013
Distance: 414 miles
Travelled for: 4 days
 This card came from Kempen, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany but is of the USA!  It adds to my slowly growing set of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Vernal Fall is a 317 feet (97 m) waterfall on the Merced River just downstream of Nevada Fall in Yosemite National Park, California. Vernal Fall, as well as Nevada Fall, is clearly visible from the famous Glacier Point. The waterfall runs all year long, although by the end of summer it is substantially reduced in volume and can split into multiple strands, rather than a single curtain of water.

Over 3.7 million people visit Yosemite each year and most of them spend their time in the seven square miles (18 km2) of Yosemite Valley.  Designated a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, Giant Sequoia groves, and biological diversity.  Almost 95% of the park is designated wilderness.  Although not the first designated national park, Yosemite was central to the development of the national park idea, largely owing to the work of people like Galen Clark and John Muir.

The card had these attractive stamps.  The bouquets of flowers are from a set of four in 1974 and show Spring and Autumn.
 The full set of those flower stamps (photo from an e-bay site):-

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