Friday, 15 February 2013

The Museum in Suwalki, Poland

Card no 398 -  Joanna (postcrossing number – PL-630087 )
Suwalki Museum, 1913/14
Country Card Sent From: Poland
Place Card Sender Lives: Suwalki
Date Received: 13th February 2013
Distance Travelled:  1,058 miles
Time Taken:  45 days (not posted till 8th Feb)
Suwalki Museum, Kościuszki Street, Suwalki, photographed in 1913/14. 
Kościuszki Street is the main artery of the town.  It has both sacred and secular buildings representing the old part of the town.  Their classical architecture, characteristic of the 19th century style, is most attractive. The architects included Piotr Aigner, Antonio Corazzi, Henryk Marconi and a Polish architect Karol Majerski.

These were the stamps on the envelope in which it was sent.

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