Thursday, 14 February 2013

Travelling the World

Card no 397 - Danielle 
Travelling the World

Country Card Sent From: USA
Place Card Sender Lives: Ohio
Date Received: 13th February 2013
Distance Travelled:  3,629 miles
Time Taken:  8 days
 I love this painting.  It reminds me of Josh Kirby and Paul Kidby (Terry Pratchett's illustrators) even if the world isn't flat!  Britta Gotha was born in Hamburg in 1975. After high school, she initially studied Cultural Studies at the University of Lüneburg. Then she took a course in the Department of Design Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW). Since her graduation in 2005, Britta Gotha has worked for various children's books publishers. 

This is the first example I have received of the new US global stamp.  I suspect it may not be the last as choice in the States is fairly limited.  It’s a really appropriate stamp for a card called “World Travelling”.

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