Saturday, 16 February 2013

Inge Löök’s Aunties love post like I do!

Card no 399 - Marja-Leena (Postcrossing no - FI-1670821)
Inge Look's Aunties
Country card sent from: Finland
Place card sender lives: Salo
Date received: 13th February 2013
Distance travelled: 1,097 miles
Time taken: 3 days 

This has to be the best of the Inge Löök Aunties postcards.  As Marja-Leena suggests – perhaps they are postcrossers!
Written on the 10th February (Pancake Tuesday to me and ‘Shrovetide’ to Marja-Leena) posted on 11th and received on 13th.  That’s pretty quick isn’t it.  Especially when compared to the previous card which took 45 days (although in fairness to the postal system the envelope’s frank suggests it wasn’t sent until 8th February!). 

The sender says there is no lack of snow in Salo at the moment so the stamp is very appropriate.


  1. What is a "postcrosser?"
    Thanks for this one! Made me laugh first thing this morning, quite a feat in itself.
    Beautiful art work. Someone has talent.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed looking at the cards.
    Best always, Barbara

    1. Postcrossing is a community of people who send and receive cards at random from other members. After joining you click the 'send a card' icon and any one of the 400,000 members names and addresses come up. You send to them and then you receive a postcard from another random member. It is truly international with only a few countries not represented. I love it. It's statistics are as follows...

      386,276 members
      217 countries
      1,535 postcards/hour
      15,775,779 postcards received
      480,189 postcards traveling
      82,520,728,318 km traveled
      2,059,157 laps around the world


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