Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Using my Letter Opener for a Special Letter

You may have noticed that my header has changed slightly.  I have added parcels and anything to do with the post because I would like to expand this blog to include a lot of other post-related items. Whether I can afford the time to add all the things I would like to is quite another matter…

There is a certain pleasure in using a particular letter opener to open one’s mail.  And even more so when the mail itself is special.  This opener was made by Dad.  The handle was made by using washers and shaping them.  

The special mail was a letter from JarieLyn in a beautiful envelope.  It arrived today and as well as a postcard she also enclosed the rules of a game I had been asking about.   It came through the letterbox along with three super postcards which will each have their own entry sometime soon.


  1. That's a nice letter-opener and I think it's a great idea to expand the theme of the blog to related items. By the way I've been putting up a few posts again on my Greetings from the Past blog lately if you're interested.

    1. I'm behind in looking at all my fellow bloglings' postings but I shall get there eventually. Looking forward to seeing the old postacards in yours. I'd love to post some of our family's old ones but none are as old or as interesting as yours.

  2. That is a very cool letter opener and a family heirloom.


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