Sunday, 27 January 2013

Where I go next...

Unlike my Rambles blog this blog has few visitors but one recent one has been a Belarusian postcrosser called Mish.

As a result I have decided to change the format of each entry and base it on an idea I saw on Mish’s blog

So, in future I shall aim to have the following information at the top of each postcrossing card.  I may not be quite so comprehensive for direct swaps and friends’ cards.
Card name – artist /photographer (if any)
Country:  of origin
Place:  within the country
Received:  date
Distance:  travelled in straight line
Travelled:  time spent travelling

When I say “in future” I should point out I have a number of scheduled posts so it will be a while before you see the change.  Because I include non-postcrossing cards I am getting an average of more than seven a week so posting has fallen behind the receipt of the cards.  I’m not sure what to do about this.  Do I put on more than one post a day?  Do I combine all the day's postcards into one post?  Do I leave out some of the less exciting ones (that seems a rather unfair value judgement on my part)? Why is life is full of difficult decisions?

You'll just to wait and see what I end I up doing...

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  1. Dear Scriptor, thank you so much for such a high appreciation :) Am very pleased to read this...


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