Saturday, 26 January 2013

Russian Postal Scales

Card no 359 - Evgenie 

These wonderful postal scales with their sealed envelope are to be found in the Anton Chekhov Museum in Moscow which appears in this video.  It seems that if you are ever in Moscow this is one place not to miss.

Evgenie sent this in an envelope and protected the face of the card with another card - he obviously has had experience of danaged cards, like me.

Card no 360 - Evgenie 
I'm not really sure what this card depicts - a film or game advert perhaps?

These were the stamps on the envelope...


  1. I think the second card you've shown contains an ad of Zapashny brothers' circus show P.U.P.P.E.T. (translation for К.У.К.Л.А. you have on this card in Russian) :)

    1. Thanks Mish. I have just received another I'll need help with. It's Belarusian and will be blogged in a few days.

    2. Will be my pleasure to help, if I can :) Postcrossing is really a miracle for me - great to see the cards from my motherland finding their home far away...


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