Thursday, 24 January 2013

La Nièvre, France

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Nièvre is a department in the centre of France named after the Nièvre River.  It is part of the current region of Burgundy, although historically it was not part of the province of Burgundy, Nièvre is surrounded by the departments of Yonne, Côte-d'Or, Saône-et-Loire, Allier, Cher, and Loiret. The département is crossed by the Loire river, the longest river in France.

Nièvre is a rural department with about 50 inhabitants per km². The main cities are : Nevers, Cosne-sur-Loire, Varennes-Vauzelles, Marzy, Decize, Imphy and La Charité. Only three cities reach 10 000 inhabitants which the predominantly rural nature of the département.

Nièvre is well known for its white wine, Pouilly Fumé. The vineyards are scattered around villages including Pouilly-Sur-Loire,which lends its name to the appellation. The word fumé is French for "smoky", and it's said the name comes from the smoky or flinty quality of these wines. The only grape allowed in the Pouilly-Fumé AC is Sauvignon Blanc, which produces wines that are generally crisp, tart, and somewhat grassy.

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