Friday, 25 January 2013

Belynichi, Belarus

Card no 350 – Liza
This wonderful map card was from a fifteen year old who wrote lots about herself and her home town.  On a day when I was a bit of down (it arrived on 9th January when I had been having headaches and migraines for the last seventeen days!) it provided just the lift I needed. All in all it was a perfect card.

Liza is from Belynichi which stands on the River Druts and is noted for its natural history.  She told me where the town got its name (Bely – white; niche – night) from.  Many years ago, during a war, two monks were sailing along the River with the objective of hiding an icon of the Virgin Mary.  They were waiting for the sign of God and it came in the form of the night turning as light as day. So that was where they stopped and subsequently founded the town of Belynichi.  Belynichi is due East of Minsk in the Mogilyov Region


  1. Very interesting about the origins of the name Belynichi - I am from Belarus myself, but haven't heard of this :) My hometown is Polotsk on the north where you may see a Cathedral on the map, but am constantly living in the capital - Minsk.

    1. How nice to have you visit, Mish. I hope to see more of you and shall, of course, be visiting your postcard blog.


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