Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Calm Day on the Swedish Coast

Card no 372 - Monica
A Calm Day by Lena Nilebäck
  Country: Sweden
Place: Borås
Received: 28th January
Distance: 695 miles
Travelled for: 5 days

This watercolour of a typical West coast village or small town was painted by Lena Nilebäck.

Lena has been painting watercolours for nearly 20 years and has had numerous exhibitions.   She grew up in Ljungskile, but now lives with her family outside the city of Trollhättan.  Since her childhood she has spent summers in Alsbäck by the Gullmarn fjord, not far from the city of Lysekil.  Alsbäck is located on the west coast, with mountains, salt water bays and a variety of natural history.


  1. I see the card got a little travel-worn... pity! Lena's surname is Nilebäck (ä not å). Not easy for an Englishman to see the difference, but I think she might appreciate a correction if your keyboard can accomplish it. :)

  2. Thanks for the correction, Monica. I usually manage non-English letters by copying and pasting if I can't find them on my keyboard shortcuts so that is what I'll do here.

    1. Correction done! I assume using å instead of ä not only altered the spelling but the pronounciation?

    2. Thanks! Yes, you assume correctly... It does change pronounciation. Basically ä=ae and å=au. When in doubt, I'd advise international writers to just leave out the dots or ring. In international computer addresses that's what we do ourselves. (If you look at Lena's email for example she uses "nileback".)


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