Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Mysterious Chambered Tomb (in Belarus ?)

Card no 375 - Maria
 Chambered Tomb – Belarus (?)
Country: Belarus
Place: Minsk
Received: 28th January
Distance: 1,246 miles
Travelled for: 5 days

Where and what is this megalithic chambered tomb?   I need help here, Mish! (You must read Mish's response to this appeal - the first comment!)


  1. Hello Scriptor! What an interesting card! I was able to find a lot of new things out. This one is the museum of the rocks in Minsk (hm... was not able to visit it before, have to do this now). And here is the legend :)

    In those times when Minsk was surrounded by deep forests, a hill was rising up on the edge of the town near the river. A great rock, called "Dzied” (“Grandfather in Belarusian) was lying at the foot of this hill. One day the owner of the rivers and lakes Vadzyanik (from “vada” – water, can be translated as “Waterman”) argued with the owner of the forests and animals Lesavik (from “les” – forest, can be translated as “Forestman”) to find out who should own the hill. And they decided to lift the rock to the top of the hill and check who of them could do this. Vadzyanik took the rock, tried to lift it up, but finally released – the rock was too heavy. Lesavik turned into a bear, took the rock and started climbing quickly. Vadzyanik frightened to lose and tripped Lesavik up – Lesavik released the rock… The rock fall, sank into the ground, and immediately a large oak tree grown up and a spring scored. People made a pagan temple near Dzied – came to pray, sacrificed there. Water from the spring helped women who were not able to get pregnant…
    In the beginning of the 20th century the spring was covered with soil, the oak was cut down and the legendary rock in the beginning of the 80s was moved to the museum of the rocks in Urucca district. Since 1989 this museum has been a geological memorial of the national importance. There are 2134 exhibits at the moment. The rocks form the map of Belarus. You can walk over the entire Belarus.

  2. Gosh - what a fantastic piece of research. And so interesting. That is so kind of you, Mish. Many thanks and a hug and kiss as well... John

    1. Thank you, Scriptor! My pleasure to help you and meanwhile gain some knowledge too ;) Like this card - so atmospheric!

    2. It is wonderfully atmospheric isn't it.


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