Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

2989 - From Irina, a friend in St Petersburg, came this New Year card and a great frank on the back.

2993 - Susanne in Germany has just sent me this beautiful card.  I expect there will be plenty of card and letter writing going on in 2016.

2988 - There will be many different postboxes used over the next twelve months but this card from Eva wasn't posted in the box shown - it is situated in Madrid and only used for postage within that city.

2990 - I expect cats will feature on a number of the cards I receive.  Thanks to Susanne for this one.

2991 - And, of course, cats come in all shapes and sizes.  Another from Susanne.

2992 - No doubt the subject of  'Reading' will feature on a number of cards like this one, also from Susanne.


  1. As I look through this blog and the wonderful postcards, I want to hit the "like" button for so many of them ... lol :)

  2. I'm glad it arrived. This is one of my favourite postcards (probably I wrote the same on the postcard!). I hope the other postcard (the building) arrived as well!

    1. Yes, thanks Eva. It's difficult selecting just a few to blog when I get so many.


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