Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A miscellany

Please note that it is impossible for me to scan and blog all the cards I receive but every single one is appreciated and the absence of a card from here does not mean I didn’t like it.  In some cases a card may appear some time after it was received so as to put a particular group of cards together.

3001 – The first card of the new year came from Eva in Morocco.  It is Rene Magritte’s  “La clef des songes” 1935

The Moroccan stamps are not usually the most exciting but I like this one very much.

3002 – Friedrich von Ammerling’s “Wrapped up in dreams” c1835 from Susanne in Germany.

3004 – This remarkable picture of the aurora is entitled Magic Mountain and was taken by David Clapp.  It was a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and was sent to me by Danielle in Nebraska, USA.

3005 – A card from Monica in Sweden to add to my collection of Findus cards.  Sometime soon I hope to show them all so people can see which I have already received. This, I’m pleased to say, was a new one to me though even duplicates are appreciated because I adore this series.


  1. Me too, I love these stamps of fishes. But they are too small!
    I'm glad that the postcard arrived.

  2. Glad you did not already have it. Have to confess it's becoming increasingly hard to keep track even of which cards I've already sent myself to friends with whom I have a frequent exchange. I do keep a record, but only chronolgical, not sorted according to topics or artist etc...


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