Monday, 4 January 2016

Some Christmas cards

The Christmas decorations will come down shortly and in the meantime I have taken down the Christmas cards so that Partner-who-loves-tea and I could discuss them over dinner last night.  Needless to say some of them had postboxes on them.

Not surprisingly these included ones to me from P-w-l-t and Son-who-watches-movies.

Irina in Bulgaria sent this one.

This came from Heleen in the Netherlands. 

And from Monica in Sweden - a most delightful one.
My old school-friend George and his wife Chris sent this one.

And from a former colleague, Marilyn.

And, finally, a postcard - From Anastasia in Belarus, a Postcrossing friend.

Thanks to everyone who sent us cards and postcards - with or without postboxes!


  1. So many mail boxes in your mailbox? It doesn't surprise me!
    I must say that I also received some of them (one from you!).

  2. I don't think I've ever seen Christmas cards with printed greetings for husband or father before! (or any other special family member)


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