Friday, 7 December 2012

Wuhou Temple at Nanyang

 Postcard no 293 - (Leu)

Located at Wolonggang, Nanyang City, the Wuhou Temple is a place where Zhuge Liang once lived and tilled. Zhuge Liang (181-234) was an outstanding statesman and strategist in the Three Kingdoms Period in the history of China.  Inside the temple, there is a lifelike image of Zhuge Kongming with elegant expression, wearing a feather fan and a scarf of black silk ribbon.

These are 10 yuan stamps.  The card itself was already stamped with its own 420 yuan postage.


  1. How cool...I love the details!
    This could so inspire poetry!
    mmmh, maybe we could use your postcards for poetry?! ;D

    1. I know that Imaginary Garden worries about copyright and so do I - normaslly - but in respect of (with respect to?) postcards I don't. So far I have escaped retribution but it might be advisable not to use them on the site but if browsing through them gives you inspiration....


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