Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tortoreto Lido

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Tortoreto is a small town, pop. 7,836, on the Adriatic sea in Italy. It has two distinct parts. The old town is on a hill not far from the Adriatic and the new part, usually referred to as Tortoreto Lido, is at the seaside.  During summer season the main economic activity is tourism.

Its geographic position, climate, facilities and environmental projects, have all been planned or used to further tourism. Tortoreto has been awarded the European Blue Flag between 1998 and 2008.

The area around Tortoreto, Teramo Province, is famous for rosticini ("rustelle" or "arrustelle" in the local dialects ) and chitarra e pallottini.  Rosticini are made from small pieces of skewered castrated sheep's meat (mutton). It is cooked on a rectangular charcoal grill, called "canala" because its shape is similar to a canal or channel.  Arrosticini, a similar kebob, may be made from any mixture of meats.  Traditional chitarra is a hand cut pasta made by rolling the pasta flat and thin and then using a device that resembles a guitar, hence the name, to cut the pasta. The noodles are much like flat spaghetti. The "Chitarra con le Pallottini" is chitarra served with a tomato sauce with very small meatballs.

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