Saturday, 15 December 2012

Merry Woofmas

Card 301 - Jenny

I like the fact that some of our Christmaws cards this year are in the form of postcards.

This had one of the 2012 Comic stamps on it.  The stamps, like other 2012 editions from the Royal Mail were to celebrate British traditions.  Ironically 2012 saw the end of the Beano as we oldies knew it.

DC Thomson ended the printed version, changing to a digital on-line subscription comic, with a special edition released on the comic's 75th anniversary on 4 December 2012.

 Card 302 - Claudia

This is the traditional Christmas market in Dresden - the oldest such market in Europe.

Card 310  - Alesya

These were Christmas good wishes from Alesya in Belarus.  Spasibo, Alesya.  Can anyone translate the words on the front of the card for me?

I like these stamps of Belarus buildings but haven't been able to find out what buildings they are.

Card no 313 - Nikki

And a snowman from the States.


  1. The words on the card from Alesya are in Belarusian language and mean the greetings to the Christ's birth :)

  2. And as for the Belarusian stamps - the first one (100) is the Tower of Kamianiec and the second (50) is Mahiliou Town Hall :)

  3. Thanks very much, Mish. I hope you'll help me out if I have problems with anything Belarusian again!


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