Sunday, 4 December 2016


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1634 - From Christy in Texas.

The Bolivar Point Lighthouse in Texas was built in 1872 ansd in a hurrican in 1900 it sheltered 125 people. After 61 years service it was retired but remains a landmark on the Texas Gulf coast.  

This was one of the card's stamps.


  1. This is not in my collection. I feel a bit sad about lighthouses not working any more...

  2. A lighthouse wouldn't have been my first thought as a shelter from a hurricane. Nice to have a themed stamp on the postcard, I like the U.S. Lighthouse series

  3. Hello John, aside from the postcard from John (Robinett), this Bolivar lighthouse postcard is one of the very few light house I've seen with a few buildings around it. Thanks for sharing and linking up. Until next weekend.


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