Saturday, 24 December 2016

December Holidays

Christmas is a time for celebrating and for peace but it also has its serious side and these two embroidered cards made in France and Belgium during the First World War say it all.  They were made by the local French and Belgian girls to sell to the soldiers.

This first one was from Arthur Lane to my grandmother (his aunt) for 1914/15.  “Dear Auntie, I thought you might like one of the crowd of patriotic cards that are sold out here.  Everywhere you go you come across these card: even hawkers selling them.  We are now back at ___ for Divisional Rest .  Yesterday we had a Church Parade and H.C.  This moprning we have been out practiding attacking.  Love from Arthur.”  Within a year he and two of his brothers were dead in the trenches of France.

This one - "To my dear wife from Tom xxx" said "Hoping you enjoy yourself as best you can.  I got back all safe and sound in the muck.  It's rotten here.  Ta Ta."  I don’t know whether Tom was around to celebrate Christmas the next year – I hope so.

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  1. Beautiful and poignant mementos. Tom's message adds the reality.

  2. I'm showing these embroidered scanned postcards to my partner (who's French) I think these are good conversation starters. Thanks for sharing John! Happy holidays!!


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