Saturday, 26 November 2016

Museum and Libraries

This post is linked to Maria’s Postcards for the Weekend.  If you would like to see other folk’s posts on this subject - museum/university/library - please visit Maria’s blog and follow the links.  They are always well worth viewing.

0043 - from a postcrosser

1533 - from Katya in Ukraine

1588 - From Martine in Corsica

1658 - From Irina in Bulgaria

1848 - from Danielle in Nebraska

1542 - from Susanne in Germany

4076 - From Renate in Austria who has sent me some lovely library cards over the years.

2184 - from Susanne again who has sent me some beautiful library cards


  1. All beautiful cards!I have received also some cards of the Trinity College Library. I'd like to visit it, but I guess I wouldn't be allowed even to touch the books...

  2. Oh, lovely cards! I'd love to be able to visit some of the libraries, even if I couldn't read anything in them.

  3. Hi John, Wow, what a nice lot of cards! Hard to say which one is my favorite. The next to last card is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing and linking up.

  4. You obviously have your collection in better order than mine (at least for this kind of challenge)... :)

  5. Wow Trinity College library looks like something out of a fantasy novel although the others are very beautiful that looks the place to read.

  6. Some of my favourite 'library' cards are from the Gladstone Library.

  7. Wow John! Excellent postcards: grand structures and real ornate interiors. What a great showcase for the theme. Thanks so much for sharing.


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