Saturday, 10 December 2016

Winter Scenes

0000 - Monca.  The first postcard I recorded after I started seriously collecting them in February 2012 was from my friend Monica in Sweden.  It was by Lennart Helje, an artist I had never come across before but who I have come to love.

4243 - Monica.  Just a few days ago I received another of Helje's winter scenes from Monica.

Lennart Helje is a Swedish painter/ illustrator, born in 1940 in Lima, who paints Christmas elves/ tomtes and animals in snowy landscapes. His fairytale artwork has been reproduced as Christmas cards, both in Sweden and internationally, by UNICEF. He has also illustrated the stamps and postal Christmas seals, with Nordic nature and plant motifs.

This post is linked to Maria’s Postcards for the Weekend.  If you would like to see other folk’s posts on this subject please visit Maria’s blog and follow the links.  They are always well worth viewing.


  1. I never heard of this artist or seen any postcards of cute with those little elves on them!♥

  2. Those are really lovely postcards! I love the slight touch of whimsy about them.

  3. I like how the subtle colour is introduced into the snowy scenes, and of course the watching elf.

  4. I do think this is the first time I've seen art by Lennart Helje. Very nice cards. I will be looking for his work in the future. Thanks for linking up with Postcards for the Weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing your Helje winter scene postcards, John! I am beginning to notice more that I could actually collect illustrations from a specific artist through postcards. These Helje ones are so neat to look at, specially the branches that for sure will be back to life come spring.

  6. I think I've sent these as Christmas cards in the past. Very nice.


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