Friday, 23 September 2016

Fall Colors (Autumn Colours to me!)

I've joined Maria's Linky of 'Postcards for The Weekend' at Connections to the World - an invitation to all postcard lovers to share their cards - this week's theme is - Fall Colours.  Next weekend's will be Domesticated Animals.  For details of the launch see this page on Maria's blog.  All postcard bloggers are invited to join.
4145 from Danielle.


  1. You posted it earlier this week... :D
    The landscape is stunning. Autumn colours haven't arrived here so far.

    1. Too early - the link isn't up yet! I'll get it right eventually.

  2. Hello John! I'm impressed! You're very prompt with the post for our theme this week on Postcards for the Weekend. I'm really excited to see the autumn postcards. I think this is the season of the year I would love to experience the most whenever I have the chance to travel overseas to a country with 4 seasons. I have to google this scenery of a national park that you shared here :) Stunning indeed!

  3. What a gorgeous postcard! Makes me miss the Rockies too!

  4. Beautiful. What a lovely place to be at sunrise


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