Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cats galore!

I am a cat person.  I also like dogs but having owned both I prefer cats.  Dogs are like young children, constantly demanding exercise and attention.

Cats are more like older children.  So long as you provide them with food, clean up after them and give a space of their own to snooze they are usually content.

4080 - from Susanne in Germany.

4045 - from Danielle in Nebraska, USA.

4046 - from Heleen in The Netherlands.

and one of the stamps from Heleen-

4138 - Another from Susanne in Germany.

4154 - from Katya and her mum, Marina, in Ukraine.

Katya told me that the inspiration for this picture (just one in a wonderful series of blue cat pictures) came from Alexander Pushkin's 'Ruslan and Ludmila'.
   On seashore far a green oak towers, 
   And to it with a gold chain bound, 
   A learned cat whiles away the hours 
   By walking slowly round and round. 
   To right he walks, and sings a ditty; 
   To left he walks, and tells a tale.... 

I've joined Maria's Linky of 'Postcards for The Weekend'  - an invitation to all postcard lovers to share their cards - this week's theme is Domesticated animals.  Next weekend's will be Postal/Mail Related Items.  For details of the launch see this page on Maria's blog.  All postcard bloggers are invited to join.


  1. Great cards! I especially like the one of the red cat reading on the bed!

  2. I like the reading cats and the blue one... they're the kind that make me smile (IRL I'm not really a pet person at all, being allergic to both cats and dogs)

  3. Hi John,

    That vintage cat postcard is a standout for me! I wonder what those cats human would say if they undo that knitted thing... 😊

  4. Very nice postcards. You know I'm not a cat person, but these are really funny, especially the Van Gogh's picture.

    1. Sent to me by a librarian whose degree is in art!

  5. And many thanks for adding my link :)

  6. So lovely and cute postcards :)


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