Saturday, 10 September 2016

'Postcards for the Weekend - Bright Colours'

4066 - From Tina in Canada.

I've joined Maria's Linky of 'Postcards for The Weekend' at Connections to the World - an invitation to all postcard lovers to share their cards - this week's theme is - Bright Colours.  Next weekend's will be Flowers.  For details of the launch see this page on Maria's blog.  All postcard bloggers are invited to join.


  1. Magnificent bird! :) I also put in a postcard post that I meant to link to Maria's blog, but found no linky up yet.

  2. A very fine bird indeed, those punkish head feathers give it quite a character.

  3. Hi John! This bird is magnificent! I haven't had the luck of receiving a bird close up in 7 years of postcrossing. Thank you for sharing tihs and linking up.

  4. Cute parrot close up, funny look and beautiful colors, perfect choice for the theme.


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