Monday, 18 November 2013

Getting closer to being up-to-date but a long way to go...

981 – From Petra in Germany (DE-2543784) – just to scare me!

I do like these German train stamps.

982 – Sini in Finland sent me another Inge Löök card.  Hooray. It made me want to celebrate too but I didn’t quite go dancing among the trees.

You can see the Inge Löök cards I have received so far at this link.

This postcard was cancelled with a special frank. On 9th October Finnish post had a special local stamp in about 80 cities, Lahti being one of them….

983 – Susanne, a newly acquired swapping friend from Germany, already knows my weak spot…

984 – From Martine, my favourite Coriscan.

  Lac de Calacuccia  is a lake in the department of Haute-Corse in Corsica, located 793 m above sea level south of Calacuccia and formed by a dam on the Golo .  It was created in 1968.

985 - Vallée du Mont Blanc from Martine who loved her recent visit there.  The area brought her peace, serenity and happiness.  How wonderful is that?

986 - Grandes Traversees du Jura from Martine.

“The Grande Traversée du Jura (or GTJ) is a fabulous journey over the Jura mountains crossing through France and parts of Switzerland. Located not far from Geneva, the journey is made on classic cross country skis. This 180km, long distance ski trail was first completed in 1978 and is nearly all on prepared, pressed tracks. If it is peace and tranquillity and a true taste of authentic mountain life you seek then look no further!” (

This is the back of the card.

And one of the stanps on Martine’s envelope.

The Château de Foix is a castle which dominates the town of Foix in the French département of Ariège. An important tourist site, it is known as a centre of the Cathars. It has been listed since 1840 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.


  1. Oh... why don't you go dancing among the trees? ;)

    1. You've obviously never seen me dance (or heard me sing!). :-)

  2. Oh... Did Inge Löök herself sign your postcard? Lucky man! I'm aso envious!

    1. Yes, wasn't I lucky. She attended a postcrossers meet and signed a lot of cards for the postcrossers who were there. So that card was signed not only by her and the sender but also by half a dozen other postcrossers.


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