Sunday, 20 November 2016

Reading and Books

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Being an ex-librarian I love cards that have anything to do with books and reading.  Because my friends know this I am fortunate to get plenty of them.  I haven’t scanned any cards in recently (smacked wrist!) but here are a couple I haven’t shown before.
2891 – From Katya and Marina in Ukraine. 
They always send lovely stamps – these are Ukrainian fairy tales.
4128 – from Susanne in Germany
4166 – Also from Susanne.  This photo is by Yevgeny Anan'evich Khaldei (23 March [O.S. 10 March] 1917 – 6 October 1997).  
Khaldei was a Red Army photographer, best known for his World War II photograph of a Soviet soldier Raising a flag over the Reichstag, in Berlin, capital of the vanquished Nazi Germany.  Khaldei was born to a Jewish family in Yuzovka (now Donetsk, Ukraine) and was obsessed with photography since childhood, having built his first childhood camera with his grandmother's eyeglasses. He started working with the Soviet press agency TASS at the age of nineteen as a photographer.  His father and three of his four sisters were murdered by the Nazis during the war.

In 1945 he persuaded his uncle to create a large Soviet flag after seeing Joe Rosenthal's photo of the flag raising at Iwo Jima while the Soviet army closed in on Berlin and took it with him to Berlin for the Reichstag shot.  After the War Khaldei continued to photograph, now working as a freelance photographer for Soviet newspapers, and focused on capturing scenes of everyday life.  Khaldei's international fame dates from the 1990s, when exhibitions of his photographs began to be held in the West.  This photo is entitled “Rest”.


  1. Nice collection postcards for this weeks theme...I really love the black and white one and the story with it too!

  2. I've just stopped chuckling over the book titles on the shelves, I love cards that have so much detail. The Khaldei story was interesting.

  3. Oh, that first one was spot on for you, wasn't it ;) Books AND cats AND a clock AND that feather pen and inkhorn... :O

  4. I love the one from the Ukraine with the books and the cats. The titles of the books are great!

  5. I guessed you wouldn't skip this theme... :D

  6. Nice cards, John! I specially like the first one with the cats. Quite challenging to read the titles of the books on the shelves but the titles make me chuckle so I kept on reading through :D Thanks for joining and linking up. Until next week.


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