Wednesday, 25 May 2016

No cats...

You might think this a strange title for a post but I fully intend to do a post of cat cards soon.  I just need a week or two to scan them in.  In the meantime here are some miscellaneous cards from the last couple of months.  (As always I regret I just don't have time to scan all my cards in - I hope everyone knows I appreciate each and every card I receive; not only for the pictures but equally for the news and content on the other side.)

3023 - A brilliant card from Monica in Sweden - sent the day Sweden's Prince Oscar was born (he hadn't even been given a name then!)

4030 - From Renate in Austria - the Diocesan Library of St Gallen in Switzerland which she visited on holiday recently.  The renowned library  of the Abbey of Saint Gall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains books from the 9th century.  A library and a UNESCO WHS on one card - whoopee.

4031 - An anonymous library from Danielle in the USA.

4027 - From Anastasia in Belarus.  The card is entitled Ena but I can't read the photographer's name - the print is too small until my eyes are fully sorted.

4026 - From Li, my Chinese friend, an addition to this year's theme of postal services.

4023 - Sent home, to await my return, by Partner-who-loves-tea, having been bought at a Flea Market.  I love the style of painting which I would guess is from the 1930s but I could be way out.

4014 - From Susanne in Germany.  Another for my reading women collection.

4013 - Another card from Susanne - to add to my Inge Look collection.  An appropriate card for May!

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