Monday, 20 April 2015

So Many Cards

I have received so many cards and have not blogged them for ages.  So here is a tiny selection

2532 - Susanne in Germany always knows exactly the right card to send so when I was unwell recently and the most I could do was lie in bed and read she sent this one - 'Reading Woman lying on a garden bench' by Carl Larsson.

2541 - Susanne also sent this one - The Reading Room by Carl Larsson.:-

2540 - Another from my friend Susanne - Anna Karenina byAnzhela Dzherih:-

2539 - I have a student friend in China, Dai Li, who regularly sends me cards and has contributed enormously to my collection of Chinese World Heritage Sites.   Her latest card shows Wuhan at night - the strip without lights down the middle is the Yangtze River.

Li always chooses super stamps as well.

2534/2535 - Cats are a constant (and welcome) theme among the cards I receive. These two are from Eva in Morocco.

2533 - It is April so Monica in Sweden celebrated the start of the month as she usually does - with a card for that month.

2528 - It was Easter this month so Katya and her mum Marina sent this lovely card from Ukraine.

And, as always, there were lovely stamps on it.

2526 -The last one for this post is another from Dai Li - these two cats look remarkably like our two ()Annabel and Mac)


  1. Wow. I ooh'd over several but won't say which. :) You get some really great cards.

  2. I'm fascinated with the Carl Larsson ones as I've never seen those two before, while a lot of others of his I've seen reprinted over and over again. (I've also been to the house where he lived.)


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