Thursday, 23 April 2015

Not the usual four days!

Usually cards from Germany to the UK take about four days.  This one took four months.  Dated 22nd December this delightful card from Susanne arrived yesterday - 22nd April!  I suppose I should just be grateful it arrived at all but I wonder where it has been hiding all this time?


  1. Cute card, big mystery. I've also had reason a few times to wonder why cards between Britain and Sweden (and the other way round) sometimes take two days, sometimes a month or so.

  2. ....although we does not have had a cold winter, it could has hibernated in one of the several postboxes during it´s travel ;oP


    just a first thought, but I would love to know why and where it was all the time ..

  3. Four months!! It' s a good job he had a supply of berries to keep him going. ;-)

  4. Someone "borrowed" it to revel in the cuteness before sending it on its way.

    1. I never thought of that but it's a possibility, isn't it!


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