Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cats Galore

2409 - Another card from Li.  This, to my amazement, is made of metal.   She sent it from Houtong on Taiwan.

Known as the Cat Village, Houtong is situated at Hou Tong Station on the railway to Yilan and is an hour's ride from Taipei Station. The whole area is filled with cats which are friendly and not afraid of people. There are also plenty of shops selling souvenirs relating to cats.

  2429 - Another Findus card from my Swedish friend Monica.  These cards  are irresistible.

 2456 - Another cat from Li in China.   This time it is wooden.

2438 - And another cat from Monica.

2441 - A Maine Coon from Arianne.

2447 -  And another cat from Arianne in the USA.

2440 - Heleen in the Netherlands sent this brilliant cartoon.  I love it!

2364 - Susanne from Dortmund chooses some wonderful cards to send me - often finding ones that are in my favourites folder on Postcrossing.  This was one of those.

2400 - In some cases it was the arrival of Annabel and Mac in the household that caused folk to send me cat pictures but Anastasia in Belarus was simply aware that I likle the Blue Cat series and thought I might like Pookie as well.  I do!

2471 - This card from Katya and her mum Marina in Ukraine is both a cat card and a clock card so it will end up on both my card blogs.  Indeed, it is so great I am almost tempted to put it on my Rambles blog as well.....  The artists is Alexey Dolotov.


  1. Even for a non-cat person... This is a beautiful post! :)
    Fiep's illustrations are among my favourites.

  2. Simon and Minuet chose the pancake card as their favorite. I agree, although I give the lot a 10.

  3. Oddly Houtong was on the television the other day in some detail. Rather bizarre.


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