Friday, 23 January 2015

From Ukraine

 Three  cards from my friend Katya and her mother Marina.

2210 - The Church of St Michael the Archangel, Uzhok vig., Ukraine.  This UNESCO WHS is a great addition to my collection.

2211 -

2255 - Katya says they have a yellow post box like this on their post office.

The cards are full of lovely stamps -

This series is one of my favourites from any country


  1. Wonderful series of stamps with the yellow headdresses!

  2. What a great time discovering the details of so many stamps! U have received one of your favourites some time ago :)

  3. Do you put a number every card you receive? does 2210 mean that you have received 2,210 postcards? Just curious.

    1. Yes. I try to record the number sent and received and who they are from / to but I suspect the odd one slips through the net. It helps me to keep track of when they arrived and also, hopefully, stops me owing swaps either for too long or sending a lot less than I receive from someone.


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