Friday, 9 January 2015


2188 - It was Monica, my Swedish friend, who introduced me to Findus the cat and his owner Pettson. (Can cats have owners?  I think not!).

Since then I have had two more (2279 and 2293) from Susanne.

Aren't they delightful.


  1. They are lovely. Findus looks adorable, especially in the first picture. The books look ideal to read to my grandson when he's older. Thanks for posting them.
    You're so right about cats and their owners.:-)

  2. I do love these kinds of illustrations with lots of little details :)

  3. Do you have an album for these? I have a postcard of Findus and Pettson, but I'm not sure I have received it yet.

    1. These are the only three I've had so far, Eva. I'll upload them to an album as soon as i can. So much to do -so little time!!!


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