Thursday, 6 November 2014

Some Recent Cards

It is so long since I blogged and I have received so many wonderful cards in the interim.  Hopefully, all the cards I have sent have been well received as well.   I don’t usually show the cards I send but I had to include this one.   

I found it in a second-hand book shop in Hay-on-Wye and it immediately brought back many memories and made me think of my brother, GB, in the Outer Hebrides.  We used to go regularly to the Ring o’ Bells in West Kirby where GB lived many moons ago.  And at one time most Thursday evenings we met up with a crowd of GB’s friends, with me bringing my girlfriend over from Liverpool or St Helens.  Happy days.

These are my most recent cards -
 2138 - From Susanne in Germany.  She always seems to find just the right card for me.

And look at this postage stamp -

2141 - From Eva in Morocco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for my collection - the Historic City of Meknes.

2140 - And another from Eva - the Archaeological Site of Volubilis, another UNESCO site.  Thanks to Eva I now have four Moroccan UNESCO sites.

2143 - This was a birthday postcard from Katya, my long-standing friend in Ukraine, and her mother Marina.

2142 - And a great map of Ukraine from Katya.

2139 - This map of Ukraine came from Sasha who lives on the Crimean Peninsula and consequently it had Russian stamps.  

It is the first card I have received from there since the change of government and the Russian stamps were very noticeable. 

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