Friday, 21 November 2014

Some November Postcards

My scanner is not working properly.  As a result I can't show some of the cards I wanted to but I still have plenty to show you.

2179 - From Anastasia in Belarus, another Blue Cats card for my collection.  This one has the delightful title 'Apotheosis of Motherhood'.

2177 - A postcrossing card from Tatsiana in Belarus - another orange cat by Irina Zeniuk, the artist of the blue cats.

2158 - This card arrived by snail mail as a postcrossing card from Gite in Latvia.  Or perhaps we should describe it as tortoise mail.

2176 - This postcrossing card from Russia came from Anon. who commented it would make q good emblem for Postcrossing...

2184 - From Susanne in Germany (one of many she has sent me) came this super card of Trinity College Library, Dublin.

2188 - And one of many from my friend Monica in Sweden - It's from "When Findus was Little and Disappeared", a children's book illustrated by Sven Nordquist.  (Findus is the cat!)

2191 - From Dai Li in China I was fortunate enough to receive yet another Chinese UNESCO World Heritage Site.  She also sent me some trinkets from her holiday in Japan this year.  So kind.


  1. OMG, I have never read the books. I just know Findus because of the postcards... But I always thought Findus was the man!

    I love the postcard of the library, too.

    1. I didn't know the Findus books either and I had to check the Internet to see which one was Findus. The books look so cute I've ordered one - well, I am in my second childhood!


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